Compass Disability Services is an innovative, enlightened
and po
sitive organisation. Its mission is:

To enable and empower disabled people and carers to have independence, choice and control in their lives".

Compass Disability Services is a customer led organisation and our Board of Trustees, who are elected by our customers, is comprised of at least 80% disabled people. We have adopted the Social Model of Disability as a way of working to remove barriers which exclude disabled people from equality of opportunity.

Our Values and Beliefs

• We promote independence, choice and control

• We support equality of opportunity for all people

• We operate within and promote the Social Model of Disability

• We aim to empower and enable disabled people

• We promote equal access and inclusion to all services and facilities   

• We adopt a partnership working approach

• We are a non-campaigning organisation

Compass Disability Services works through consultation, representation and service provision to fulfil our mission. We work in partnership with local government, the Health Service, Social Services, other voluntary sector and charitable organisations and anyone else who can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Compass Disability Services has a range of projects which have their own websites. Please click on the link on the left hand menu to take you to these websites for more information on the projects.

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Latest News

Sep 1, 2016

The M&S Energy Community Energy Fund is offering grants for community groups around Great Britain who are looking to install renewable technology or energy efficiency measures.

Our new Wellbeing Centre will benefit a lot of disabled people and carers, but we also know it will use a lot of electricity on a day to day basis to keep it running, in particular the hydrotherapy pool.

We are raising funds to install solar panels onto the roof of our new Wellbeing Centre so…



May 12, 2016

'In Control' are working with the independent living strategy group to run another people’s survey. You might recall last year it resulted in the attached report and key messages document requested by people who were filling in the survey. We are keen to get much greater numbers this year. Please would consider filling in the survey, passing it on to others and/or supporting people to access it. We want this to show a national voice of what’s working for and against people accessing choice, control, independent living and inclusion. Your support to make this happen is very appreciated. 




Apr 28, 2016

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